Dynamic Game Music - Made Easy
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Briefly about Audioflow

Audioflow key features

Audioflow is a novel system for creating dynamic soundtracks for video games and similar applications. Get an overview in Manual Section here


Check out this 2 min video about the basics of Audioflow


Download a Unity demo demonstrating Audioflow in use

Manage Complex Music Production

The first audio editing system that is designed specifically to manage the complexity of interactive audio production. The use of blocks gives the possibility to structure complex data in a clear way.

Unique Emotion System

Control the soundtrack from the player actions via the unique Emotion System through influence from game parameters.

No Programming Skills Needed

Explore the creative possibilities of interactive audio. Sound designers can manage the whole sound implementation pipeline and speed up iterations. Focus on content instead of implementation!

Cost Efficiency

Audioflow is game engine middleware that alleviates the need for a programmer dedicated to the implementation of a music system. It also eases the communication between composer, sound designer, and programmers, allowing for fewer iterations when creating a game soundtrack.